Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Anger and resentment are not the same and words matter very much.
We must be very careful with our words, if we are intent on changing the world in which we live. It reminds me of my favorite George Carlin joke from many decades ago:
A woman walks up to a man and a dog. She remarks over what a lovely dog it is. She asks the man: Does your dog bite?”  The man says no. The woman reaches down to pet the dog and the dog bites her. She says to the man “I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite!”  The man says “That’s not my dog.”

Resentment is like a cancer. It can eat you up inside. It has no productive quality except to inform you that you are off base. Resentment wants you to believe that the person or thing you resent has something you can’t have and want badly. It makes you feel powerless. If you are in pursuit of your truth, you will learn that either you can have that with applied effort or that it is not something you need or even want in this life time. Either way, you must release this highly toxic feeling of resentment for your own health.

Anger is a vastly different emotion than resentment.  Anger can propel you into a much needed and justified action if it is owned and then used correctly. Unlike resentment, it has an energy that is highly useful unless it is left to fester unused/unclaimed by you. For instance, in the time of Jesus, He expressed a righteous anger when he went to the temple and saw the displaced use of commerce. In his justified anger, he overturned the tables and denounced the wrongness that was taking place. Using His example, we can effect change in our world with regard to injustice by focusing our anger into appropriate and peaceful change.  

Resentment  and displaced anger are dangerous to your psyche and unchecked they eat away like a cancer.  Righteous anger, on the other hand, must be addressed for it speaks of human unfairness and a need for change.  It is this injustice that must be addressed if we are to gain Peace on Earth.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you too old to make a difference?

My blog is truly reflective of me. Like all of us, I am so many things. I am a soul. I am a human being. I am an activist. Is it okay to be multi-dimensional? I think so. While it is true that one never knows what topic I might address, the name of the blog speaks for itself. At The Heart of Being Human is our capacity to be highly committed to many things. So today I am talking about age which naturally impacts all parts of being a human.  It also brings in the soul which determines our purpose and life course.

Age is an interesting thing. For me, I think it is important to be aware and accepting of my age. On the other hand I can not be ruled by it.  The reason I think I need to be aware and accepting of my age is that there are things associated with that fact that can not be denied or avoided. The reason I can not be ruled by the fact of my age is an awareness that chronological age is a fact of my physical body and does not make a statement about my emotional, mental or spiritual body.  So when I am addressing anything physical, that fact must be considered. Otherwise it is irrelevant and unique to each of us.

So, please, if it is in your heart to do something for our suffering world, please proceed.  The world needs your participation!